Our overall objective is to ensure that our client is provided with quality service that will meet desired expectations. StratMan provides expertise in:

  • Strategic Management and Planning
  • Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity
  • Facilitation Services and Training of Trainers
  • Communication Skills & Multi-cultural Skills Training
  • Development of Specialized Training Packages
  • Human Rights-based Approach to Programming
  • Participatory Project Planning and Implementation
  • IT Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Data Centre Infrastructures
  • Video Documentation of Projects

Our Team


Luis mendez

Luis co-founded StratMan with his spouse Laura in 2010. Since then, StratMan has provided international consultancy advisory and training services to 8 UN agencies in various headquarters, regional and country office locations. 

He previously held the positions of Deputy Director (a.i) and Chief, Business Continuity within the Division of Emergency Programmes for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in New York. His duties included the coordination of and ensuring that all UNICEF country offices had established emergency operational preparedness standards in place. Luis also held several UN inter-agency functions as Senior Coordinator for Common Services for the UN Development Group as well as Senior Coordinator for Headquarters Common Services with the UN Secretariat. 

Luis joined UNICEF in 1976 and has served in several country offices including Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Angola, Uganda and Indonesia.